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How To Recover Deleted Files From SD Card, USB Pen drive, And External Hard Disk

It often happens that you need a data that you may have recently deleted from your pen drive or SD card, in order to receive free space. But sometimes after deleting, you may end up requiring one of the deleted files. When you delete a file from SD card or Pen drive you usually cannot retrieve the file from recycle bin. In cases where you might have deleted some essential file, you need to retrieve them you are punched with stress of how to recover permanently deleted files from sd card. This is why; you can avail software which restores deleted data, and is highly effective for retrieval of lost data.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Sd Card

While there are several professional data recovery software available in the market, one of the most reliable ones, with highest success rate is the Wondershare Data Recovery software.  This software is also helpful in retrieving data lost from multiple devices including

    • Computers
    • Hard drives
    • Memory cards
    • Mobile phones
    • Camera
    • Camcorders


The way you can download is simple. You just need to Click Here and it will take you to their download page. This Wondershare Data Recovery software is compatible for two OS.

  • Windows
  • Mac

Retrieval Process

Once you have downloaded the software, and after that if you have anytime deleted any file from a memory card or external hard drive all you need to do is click on the software icon on your computer. You need not wonder how to recover deleted files from sd card since

  • You will be asked to choose the type of files you would like to retrieve. You can either select a particular type like video, pictures, etc or if you want to get back all items, select all and the particular location from where the file was deleted and you want to retrieve.
  • Select pen drive or sd card accordingly.
  • Now the software will search for the deleted files from the pen drive or sd card.
  • Once the software detects the deleted files, you will be provided with an option to recover the files and also select a desired location on your computer or any external device attached to the computer.
  • Selecting the according option will start the recovery process, and within a few minutes you will get back all your deleted files back.

All the files that are retrieved are accordingly sorted into folders as per their extension in your selected location. Thus, now you need not worry about how to recover permanently deleted files from sd card when you have Wondershare Data Recovery in your computer.




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