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How to Transfer Files from USB Flash to iPhone/iPad Without Computer

Learn How to Transfer Files from USB Flash to iPhone/iPad Without Computer. Transferring data to or from the IOS device is quite a deal. One cannot do so with any specific support. In this case you need iPhone USB Storage for transferring files (media i.e. photos, mp3 files, videos, documents, pdfs etc.) to you IOS devices. With I-USB store you can directly convert data (media files) directly from the USB device to your IOS without even connecting it with any computer. This iPhone USB Storage is only compatible with IOS/android and windows and helps to transfer your required media from flash to phone. One can use this pen drive with latest iPhones and iPad devices as data transfer is quite a deal when we are talking about the IOS devices. It is available in storage capacity ranging from 16 GB-128GB.

Video guide of Transferring data from USB Flash to iOS


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So let’s start transferring the data from flash to phone.

  1. In order to transfer files from USB Flash to iOS device you will nedd to install an app called i-USB-Storer.
  2. Scan the code by using your IOS device camera, once detected, your device will take you the apple app store from where you can install the app i.e. I-USB storer.
  3. Once downloaded, open the application and connect your iPhone memory stick with your phone via port available.
  4. You would get a display in front of you with two of the options i.e. external storage (flash device) and internal (phone) storage.
  5. Select the option of external storage and pick all the relevant data that you need to transfer to the internal storage.
  6. Once selected, clicked the option of export on the IOS device. Click the option of “save” and with this click your desired media (photos, mp3 files, videos, documents, pdfs etc) is transferred to your IOS internal storage successfully.
  7. If you want to transfer data from your IOS device to iPhone USB Storage, you need to select the option of IPhone where you will get the media files, select your desired media. Once selected, click the icon of “export” which further lead you to two options i.e. local storage or external storage as you have to store the selected media in flash drive, you will select the option of external storage and your desired media would be transferred to the flash device in no time.
  8. Once you are done with this transfer, now you can detach the USB device and easily transfer the files i.e. media to your computer or android devices. Simply open the port and connect the iOS flash drive to your android device. Here you don’t need any application. Just transfer your desired media with mere clicks.

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