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3 Ways to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone

Learn How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone using these 3 easy methods.

Got a new iPhone and now want to transfer your pictures from the old one to the new one? Well, this is no problem, since we have brought 3 easiest ways to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone for you here. We realize the importance of your memories and photos so use any of these methods of transferring photos from one iPhone to another.

Video Tutorial of iPhone to iPhone Photo Transfer


Method 1: Using AirDrop.

the first method is, using AirDrop feature to Transfer iPhone to iPhone. for this enable AirDrop on both devices.

in order to enable it. swipe up from anywhere on screen and press and hold on Wifi, Bluetooth or Data option. after that, you will be able to see an option called AirDrop. select it and set it to “Everyone”

transfer photos from iphone to iphone

  • once you enabled that, now go to Photos app and select the Photos or Videos you want to transfer. after that tap on share option. then you will see AirDrop enabled iPhone just select it and the transferring process will begin.

transfer photos from iphone to iphone



Method 2: Using 3rd Party Software.

The second method is to use Dr. Fone Switch software for which you need your PC or Mac. With this method, you can also transfer your Videos, Music, Contacts, Messages and all from one phone to another. Go ahead Download the software in your Computer and open it. A list of things will appear in front of you, choose ‘switch’ option from that. Then connect both of your iPhones to Computer and the software will automatically scan your two phones. The left side of the screen shows the source iPhone while the right side shows the destination iPhone.

transfer photos from iphone to iphone


Click on the flip icon to change the order of source and destination iPhones. Select the stuff that you want to transfer to your new iPhone and then click “Begin transfer”. The transfer of pictures will start and you will have to give some time to this process. Once the process of data transfer completes, your destination iPhone will restart automatically. You are all set to use access your pictures from the new iPhone now.

with this software, you can do a lot more thing. like you can recover any kind of deleted files from an Android or iPhone, Backup and Restore your iPhone, Remove Lock screen from Android With Resetting and much more.


Alternative Software to Transfer data from iPhone to iPhone.


Method 3: Using USB Flash to Transfer Photos from one iPhone to another

The last method is making use of USB Flash drives. in this guide, I will show you 2 different USB Flash drives by which you can transfer Photos, Videos, Contacts and more from one iPhone to iPhone. and both of these Drives are made by SanDisk.

  • Sandisk Wireless Stick

This is my favorite gadget so far. with this Drive, you can transfer files between 3 devices wirelessly.

transfer photos from iphone to iphone


Steps to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone using this Drive.

  • First, Turn on Wifi on your Sandisk Drive.
  • Next, install the associated app from the App Store. the app is called SanDisk Connect.
  • Now go to your phone settings and connect to Wifi called Sandisk Connect.
  • Next, open up the app and select the photos you want to transfer. after that upload those photos to this drive.
  • Now go to your second phone and download the photos. Please watch the video above for more in-depth details (no internet need for transferring data between devices)

You can Buy Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick from the links below.

Buy From Sandisk Official Website.

Buy From Amazon

Buy From AliExpress.


  • SanDisk iXpand Drive 

This is another USB Drive made for iOS devices. this gadget is usually used to transfer files between computer to iOS devices. but you can also use it to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone. the process is very similar to the previous one.

transfer photos from iphone to iphone


just Download the associated app for the app store. and connect this drive to your phone. as you connect it. your phone will ask you to give permission to access the photos. just tap on Allow. and the app the will open automatically. now just go to your Photos and select the ones you like then paste it to your Drive.

Next, connect the drive to the second phone and copy the photos from the drive and paste it to your phone. that is all. once again, watch the video for more details.

Get Sandisk iXpand Drive from the links below. 

Buy from Sandisk Official Website

Buy from Amazon.

Buy from Aliexpress.


Make sure that you tell your loved ones about these cool ways of photo transfer as well!





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