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Hello. My name is Abdul Rahman Turkmen from Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan. i am 26 years old in the PAPERS. i might be around 20 or 21 in REAL. i love helping people through my Tutorial videos. it makes me very happy. i have very good skills on Online Marketing but i never had a chance to implement these skills because most of the companies don’t offer services in Afghanistan.

on my free times i do reading and do research about latest Technology news.

i love playing Cricket and Football.

My Current Status.

My Current Status


My Background.

I was born in Iran and grew up in Pakistan. My parents left Afghanistan during the Soviet–Afghan War in 1979 and moved to Iran. We are 4 brothers and 5 sisters. All of the sisters are married and living on their own. I am the youngest son of my parents and the dearest of all the siblings to my parents, especially to my mother.


When I was one, my family moved to Pakistan to attend the marriage of my elder brother. He got married and my parents decided to stay in Pakistan. We never had our own house and always lived in a rental house. Our family business was confectionary, which my father handled. As my father got older, he decided to handover the business to my brothers. But my brothers could not handle it properly and the business collapsed and shut down.

After we lost the mean of earning, the financial conditions of the family started declining sharply. My brothers had to start working on petty wages and the conditions remained the same. My father wanted me to study and be different from my brothers who had failed to complete their studies, so I started with our traditional religious education and then I was admitted in a school. I started going to the school which was in my neighborhood. In the beginning, school life was quite normal but soon some of the boys started bullying me. I complained them to their parents and school administration but to no avail and studying and facing the harassment of the bullies was so difficult for me. I still remember the bitter memories of those days.


And eventually a day came when I had to get rid of all these. There was a gathering in our town and we were all invited there. I went there with my mom and when I came out to the street, I noticed those boys who bullied me but they could not do anything as there were a lot of boys with me. I enjoyed a lot there and was busy in playing with my friends that my mom called me as she was leaving to home. I was in no mood to leave so I asked her to leave and promised to come home a bit later. After some time, when we got tired of playing, I started walking towards home. As I had feared, those boys were waiting for me in hiding and I reached to an open area, they came out from nowhere and grabbed. I started screaming, and one of them put some dirty soil in my mouth, to shut me up. Suddenly, an elderly man came, saved me from those boys and took me home. He told everything to my father who got infuriated and asked me to take him to their homes. I took him to the houses of those boys one by one and we had a great row with their parents. After that, I got rid of their bullying.

I had 3 elder brothers but they were always out of town for work and literally, there was no one to safeguard me from such bullies. In a sense, I was all alone.

After a few days, my parents decided to move to another place and it was such a good area with kind people and well-behaved kids. I started school again and this time, I was admitted in grade 2 in an Afghani school (schools opened for Afghan refugees in Pakistan are termed as ‘Afghani Schools’). I was very happy going to the school without any worries of the bullies. Right from beginning, I was good at studies and really liked my school and subjects. In the end-of-the-year exams, I had secured top position in the class and I was showered by congratulations and praises from my teachers, friends and relatives and it motivated me to study more. In the vacations, I was eagerly waiting for the new academic year; new class, new books and new challenges.

But these good days did not last for long. My eldest brother got separated from us and stopped supporting the family. My second brother went to Iran for work and then there was only one brother left as the sole bread-winner of the family as my parents were old and no more able to work. There was no other way except to discontinue my education and start working to support my family. I was 12 or 13 years old that I stepped out of house to work. I worked in houses as a servant. worked in hotels and restaurants as a helping waiter. I had to do similar works like cleaning rooms, doing the dishes and so on.

But I was never happy doing the job, I used to think about school and looked at those kids who used to go to school and thought of being there with them. While working, I used to gather newspaper and read it whenever I got time. I also read short story books.

3 years passed but nothing changed in my family. My brothers were not ready to support my education. My mother had started working at home to add to the family income and if possible, make me resume my studies and in this way, 3 years went by. After three years, I thought that nothing is going to change if I work or not so I decided to leave the job and start my studies again. I went to my former school but so many changes had come that I decided to take admission in another school. This new school was not free as my last school used to be. In order to study in this school, I had to pay the monthly fee of Rs. 170 (equivalent to present day 1.7 dollars). This time, I got admission in grade 5 and it was almost the end of the year. Only two weeks were left for the year-end exams and there was not much time left for preparation. In these two weeks, I had to work hard to pass the upcoming exams. Exams started and the resulted was surprising for all. I had secured 8th position among 39 students of our class and it was a remarkable result, achieved in only two weeks.

When next academic year began, our financial woes had further deepened and I was not in position to pay the fee. I requested to the principal of the school and she kindly allowed to pay my fees in the following months. But four months passed and no miracle happened. When the mid-term exams were about to begin, the principal called me to the office and demanded the fee. I told her my problems but she was not ready to listen to anything. I went home and talked to my mother but we could do nothing and once again, I had to quit the school and join a work. After a year or so, my father passed away and we had to borrow money for his funeral and the following rituals. This debt had one clear message for all of us; we had to work more to pay back the debt. It was work and work now and nothing changed in my life until 2010.


The turning point in my life

In September 2010, when we were still living in Pakistan as refugees, we received an invitation to attend a marriage in Afghanistan from my aunt.

When I went to my homeland for the first time, I was both surprised and delighted. Our relatives received us warmly and I felt something absolutely different for being in a country of my own for the first time in my life. When we were about to leave and come back to Pakistan, our relatives did not let us go and then we decided to stay there. I was promised by one of my relatives to find a decent job.

In Afghanistan, I found out that people were even more backward than those living in Pakistan, yet one felt the feeling of being in a country that belongs to you and you can work and explore new opportunities.

In November of the same year, I got my first job as a security guard in a petroleum company called Afghan National Petroleum LTD. in Hairatan. Though my beginning salary was just 150 dollars a month but there was a hope with me to grow in future. Life was not so different now but it had gained a slow and smooth momentum.

One day, I went downtown to buy a few things from bazaar that I noticed an institute offering courses in English language and computer programs. Once again, my old dream of acquiring knowledge rose up and I thought of taking a start here. The next day, I enrolled myself in the English language and computer programs of this institute. But there was another problem; the timing with my job. The duty hours were not absolutely clear there and I had to give four hours duty in daytime and four hours at night and the hours kept switching. The institute was also on a distance of four kilometers from my workplace and I had to walk till there. Anyhow, if I had to learn and grow, I had to bear with these difficulties and this feeling kept me motivated.

As there was zeal to do something so soon I was one of the best students in the both English language and computer programs. I secured the highest grades in computer assessment, though I did not have the computer of my own to practice in my own time.

After 6 months, our computer teacher left the institute and it was such a small town that the institute could not find any other teacher to replace him and so I had to continue with English language only. Though I was very desperate to learn more about computer programs but there was no other institute in the town so there was no possibility that I could learn computer any further.

Continuing in the institute was never easy. There were dogs on the way, in winter it used to get dark very early in the evening and it rained and snowed a lot in this northern town of Afghanistan. Whenever it rained or snowed, it became very difficult to walk in the muddy streets.

In English class

Me in English class

14 months passed and I was quite happy with my progress in English language that another shocking news was waiting for me. The institute was suffering financially and they had decided to shut it down. It was a great shock for me as I had just started getting settled down and learning something.

Next day, when the time came to leave to the institute, I took my bag of book and notebook but then I realized that there were no more classes and it made me so sad that I sat down and started crying. I felt as if there is not going to be any end to my miseries.

I was deeply surrounded by pain and loss that one of my colleagues came up with an idea. He suggested that I should resume my schooling. This idea showed me a light that by one way or another, I would be able to continue my studies.

How I took interest in computers?

Though I was no more able to join and learn computers in any institute but this fact could not bring down my interest in computers. I started learning computer tricks from internet. I had Nokia 6800 phone that I used to watch videos on internet. At that time, there was no 3G internet in our town and I used 2G internet but it was also very expensive. Then I realized that I badly needed a computer if I had to learn anything about computers. I explained my problem to my aunt’s son and requested him to lend me some to buy a computer. He knew that I was intelligent and would not waste my time on computer, as was the case with other people in the town. He was not in position to lend all the money so he gathered his colleagues and they collected for me the money good enough to buy a laptop computer. When I got my first laptop computer, I considered myself the luckiest man on earth. I did not know how to express my joy and happiness.

Then I started buying CDs and DVDs to learn computer programs. In my free time, I used to watch these DVDs and the only difference between me and others was that, I did not use the computer only to watch movies, listen to music or play games.

While watching these videos I wondered how they record them and how they are able to bring the computer screen in the video. I then discovered that a special software which I also downloaded and then I was able to make a video of my own. It was a great achievement for me. First of all, I made a video by the title of ‘How to make a partition in Windows 7’ I know that it is very simple but it was going to be my first video. I uploaded the video on my Facebook account and soon was caught in surprise by the reaction of my friends and public who showered me with praises for the video. It gave me motivation and also a direction as I wanted to make videos of simple computer programs for those students who are not able to learn them in any formal institute, especially those who are living in villages.

Then I started making videos of whatever I knew in my own ‘Turkmen’ language and I am sure I was the first one to do so. I made tutorials of MS-word, internet and computer tips and tricks, packed them in a DVD, and gave it to people who needed it. It was free of cost, of course. Though I had to spend some money from my pocket for this, but I was happy that these DVDs were helping people in a way.

It took me almost 18 months to make the first DVD and it was a lengthy and exhausting work. I had to work for hours and hours to make these tutorials. In my free time, I had no other hobby except to be busy with these videos and it also started eating away the time of my rest and sleeping.

However, when these DVDs started spreading, I started getting appreciation and thank calls from all around. I became much popular in the area and in wedding ceremonies or other social gatherings, people would come to me and thank me for the tutorials. People were happy of me and I was in a sense, proud of myself.


How I started School again

Now I thought of resuming my educational career and I took admission in grade 10. As I did not have the certificates of previous classes so I had to give a competency test which I passed quite easily.

Due to my interest, I was one of the brightest students in the class. However, the only problem was due to my absentees as I had to do my job as well. The school was on a walking distance of 40 minutes and these 40 minutes were very difficult in extreme weathers of summer and winter. Later on, I bought a bicycle and the problem was solved to some extent.

Attending mid term exams

attending mid term exams


How I started my YouTube channel

After joining the school, it had been a while since I had not made any video and I felt as if something was missing. I wanted to make videos in English but I knew that my English competence was not of that level. Anyhow, I made some videos and uploaded them on the internet. The response was overwhelming; hundreds and thousands of people were watching my videos and there were mixed reactions in the comments. Most of the people liked my videos but some had also criticized for my poor English. However, it was far better than my expectations and I started making and uploading more and more videos.

After 6 months or so, I got an invitation from one of the Youtube partners to join their network. They wanted to do some advertisement on the page of my videos and were offering some money as well but I did not know English very well and I could not properly communicate with them and this thing ended here. 1 year passed and my videos were getting more and more acceptance on Youtube.

When I was about to finish my 11th grade, I thought of making plans for my future. I knew the educational standard of universities in Afghanistan was not satisfactory so I started planning of going abroad for higher education. It was a good idea but I needed a good deal of money to support my studies abroad and for that, I had to increase my earning. I knew that I had to do it on my own as no one from family could help me in this regard.

I searched a lot about making online money but most of them did not work or they were not offering the services in Afghanistan. At last, I discovered that one could make money by making and uploading videos on Youtube and it was what I was already doing. I accepted the offer that was made to me some two years before and my videos started making money.

Now I had an extra income but it was so less (like 30-40 dollars a month for the first eight months) but I was happy that at least I was earning something and it was also from a different way.

Now I could whole-heartedly concentrate on my studies and also worked enthusiastically to make more and more videos.

I graduated from high school in 2015 and I was happy to be able to complete a certain level of my education without any interruption.

What happened after graduating from school?

After graduating from high school, I looked for options of studying abroad. There were some scholarships available but I could not avail them as I was over-aged.

Then the only option left was to join a private university where quality of education is at least satisfactory. However, their fees are high and still I am not earning enough to meet the expenses of a private university.

Though I am continuing my job and I am also making small amount from my Youtube videos but I have to support my family as well and this doesn’t let me to spare any money for my higher education.

However, I am not disappointed from my future. When I glance back at my past, I feel myself very happy and at the same time optimistic about future. I have already taken admission in an institute to improve my English.

I am sure that with the passage of time, the quality of my Youtube videos will improve and my income from them will considerably increase. I am also hopeful in a sense that lot of ideas emerge in my mind from time to time and I am sure, I will be able to utilize these ideas to make more and more effective and successful Youtube videos.

I would like to thank you for reading my long story and I would like you to spread my story only with the aim that people struggling like me should not lose hope and they should try hard to change their fate and bring constructive change in their personalities, families and the society in general.

High School Graduation Day.

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Thats all about me. Thank you so much for reading my whole story. share this story with others.

and you can find me everywhere on the internet.

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  14. Dear Brother Assalam o Alaikum,

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