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How to Backup Data from a Locked Android Phone

How to Backup Data from a Locked Android Phone

Some time or the other, you will suffer or know someone with a broken Android phone! Water damage, cracked screen, and broken screen are few issues faced by smartphone owners. During such catastrophic situations, the worst thing anyone would face is data loss.

If your Android device has a broken screen, how will you retrieve important messages and contacts? If you have stored valuable information in your phone’s memory, how will you recover them?

To recover data from a dead phone, you need sophisticated tools like Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android (Click here to download).

Dr.Fone is a renowned software program used by thousands of smartphone users to recover data from iOS and Android phones with broken screens. This third party solution makes the process quick and simple.

Video Tutorial of How to Backup Data from a Locked Android Phone

Download Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android 


Step by step guide on How to Recover Data from Locked or Broken Android Phone/Tab

First of all, you must connect your Android device to your machine. Next, you must install Dr.Fone.

Dr.Fone comes with comprehensive options. For example, you will see options like Repair, Erase, Transfer and Recover. To extract data from broken screen Android devices, you should select “Recover”.

Dr.Fone will discover your Android device in few seconds. The moment your android phone gets discovered, you will have an option called “Recover Data from Android”. Click on this option!

What makes Dr.Fone special would be the ability to choose what must be recovered from the device. The program offers a variety of data types. Once you select the data types to be recovered, hit on the “Next” button. Remember, this step will only help you to recover data from broken screen android phone. The data is not yet recovered.

Moving on, you select the program you are facing! Are you facing a broken/black screen or has touch stopped working in your device? Choose the right option and click “Next”.

Next, you must enter the device name and model. Fortunately, Dr.Fone offers suggestions on how to check the model number and name. Once these details are entered, select “Next”.

Finally, you should preview the recovered data from your Android device. Dr.Fone will give you a comprehensive insight of all the recovered file types and your precious data. If you are satisfied with the recovered information, hit on “Recover”!

The Ultimate Bottom Line

On the whole, tools like Dr.Fone will help you recover data from android devices with broken/black screens. These tools are both simple and handy. In just a few minutes you will be able to recover data from a dead phone!


Other Features of Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android:

  • Recover: this option allows you to recover any kind of deleted data from Android and iOS devices. (Click Here to Watch the Video Tutorial)
  • Transfer: With option you can transfer files between your computer and Android and iOS devices. (Video tutorial here)
  • Switch: if you want to transfer data from one phone to another then this is the tool for you. With this option you can move all data from iOS to android or vice versa. (Video tutorial here)
  • Backup & Restore: this feature allows you to backup and restore data from iOS and android devices. You can also backup data from a locked or broken iPhone with this option. (video tutorial here)
  • Lock Screen Removal: this is one of my favorite feature of this software. This option allows you to remove any kind of pattern, pin, and even finger print lock from android devices. (full guide here)


That’s all for today. Hope you learned something new from this tutorial. If you did, then please don’t hesitate to share this post with your friends. They will love for it.

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