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5 Best DSLR Camera Under 500 Dollars (Best for YT Videos and Photo)

DSLR has become the basic need of man these days. Not only it provides the best experience of using a camera and taking pro clicks but also has become a successful field of earning money and making your career. Some of the people are not able to afford the best DSLR at the start of their career or with their pocket money for fun. So, here are the 5 Best DSLR Camera Under 500 USD for you that will surely win your hearts. The best DSLR cameras under $500 are the following:

1. Nikon D3400 w/ AF-P DX NIKKOR:

Nikon D3400

For only $496.95, this Nikon DSLR camera is one of the best DSLR under 500 dollars which provides stunning simplicity because the photos and videos can be taken in low light without ever running into a problem thanks to the lifelike and vibrant lens Nikon D3400 has. Can stop time by capturing timeless images with its ever-catching lens. Portraits can be rich, natural, and beautiful. With the help of Nikon Snap Bridge, the camera and the smartphone are connected in perfect harmony allowing for an easier transfer and sharing of pictures in seconds. The moment a picture is taken, it is instantly transferred to the smartphone where it can be shared instantaneously with friends and family members. On top of that, these images and videos can be backed up on the cloud storage and sharing site known as Nikon Image Space. The camera is designed in a way that it can be taken anywhere, anytime—it’s light as well as compact, allowing you to relax and enjoy the timeless moments as you capture them. The controls of the camera are simple and are laid out in a fashion that is easily distinguishable, which makes it the best Nikon camera for beginners. The optical viewfinder offers the user a sharp, focused view of the things around them, in addition to having a comfortable grip for accurate handling.
• For an entry-level camera, it provides high-quality images
• The battery life is great
• It’s extremely easy to use
• Extremely light as well as compact
• The LCD screen is sort of reflective and it lacks touch operations
• There is no mechanism for sensor cleaning
• Setting up Snap Bridge can be quite difficult

2. Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera Kit:

Canon EOS Rebel T6

This camera is one of the best cameras under 500 dollars which costs $449.00 which makes it the best budget DSLR camera. It has a double zoom kit. The zoom lens on the camera offer versatility as the focal range provided by the camera is perfect for everyday shots, including everything from beautiful landscapes to breathtaking close-ups. The 18.0 megapixels provide extremely detailed pictures. The camera provides high-quality images at high speed because of its APS-C sensor and DIGIC 4+ image processor. The picture quality is clean and sharp. Despite being dark, the camera can capture the available light perfectly resulting in great shots, whether at dawn or at dusk because the ISO can be expanded from 100 to 6400. The camera has a 3-inch LCD monitor which is bright as well as big. The camera can capture video in 1080p HD by using EOS full HD movie mode. Due to the DIGIC 4+ image processors in the camera, it can provide high speed and optimal performance. With the optical viewfinder, the camera can focus on the subject at hand with extreme accuracy for a high-quality picture. It has 9-point autofocus, which can instantly track and lock onto the subject. It has a built-in Wi-Fi accompanied with NFC, which allows for instant sharing to smartphones and tablets.
• High-quality photos
• High-quality videos
• Extremely easy to use
• High-quality camera at a reasonable price
• It is bulky
• The neck strap is too thin and feels uncomfortable
• The lens does not come with a hood or with storage pouches

3. Pentax K-S2 20MP DSLR Kit:

Pentax K-S2

For $499.00, Pentax K-S2 is one of the best DSLR cameras under 500 which offers its users a built-in NFC and Wi-Fi module which they can use to control the camera, wirelessly; they can transfer images and also view images, making image sharing and transferring seamless and easy. The camera has anti-shake OIS system. This camera is the best for selfie lovers as it has a Vari-angle LCD which has a 2nd shutter button to take easy selfies. The 3-inch, air-gapless LCD with 921K dots resolution makes sure the image is displayed perfectly for your satisfaction. The Pentax K-S2 is perfect for outdoors as it has 100 weather seals on its body to ensure the camera does not get wet—it is weather resistant and will work in extreme heat, rain, winds etc. The clarity enhancement feature and the Optical Pentaprism Viewfinder allows the camera to take pictures as if a human is looking at it. This feature provides amazing clarity on any display from smartphones, tablets to 4K displays. It can record videos at the resolution of 1980 x 1080. The camera provides incredible focus because of Phase Detection AF (autofocus) and Contrast Detection systems, which ensures the accuracy and speed of focusing. There are 11 points in the AF system to choose from. It has face detection AF as well to automatically detect faces and focus on them.
• Provides high-quality images
• Perfect viewfinder
• It has an anti-shake OIS system
• The lens is likely to jam when it is retracted
• It has an unintuitive and slow Wi-Fi
• Starts slow
• The battery life is poor
• High price compared to its competitors

4. Canon Rebel T5:

Canon Rebel T5

At a price of $449.00, the Canon EOS Rebel T5 is one of the best video cameras under 500 which is a sleek, compact digital DSLR camera which has a number of imaging capabilities that are versatile. The camera features an 18-megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor as well as a DIGIC 4+ image processor to give high-quality images, reduced noise, and high functioning capability. The camera can expand its ISO from 100 till 6400, which can be expanded even further till 12800 in order to work in places that have bad lighting. Moving objects can be shot at 3 fps, continuously because of the CMOS (APS-C) sensor and the DIGIC 4+ image processor. The camera can record in pure HD at 1080p per 30 fps. The optical viewfinder helps in increasing the focusing and accuracy speed. The contrast detection autofocus system helps in autofocusing movies and pictures in live view. The 3-inch LCD screen at 920K dots of resolution provides a clear, bright image for playback as well as reviewing. The camera also has a built-in Wi-Fi which comes along with NFC; this feature allows the user to share images from the camera to their personal mobile device for instant sharing.
• It has an optical stabilized lens
• Because of high ISOs, you can get highly detailed DSLR camera photography
• Video resolution is at 1080p
• It has an on-screen guide for shooting
• LCD is fixed
• Slow autofocus
• There is no microwave input
• Limited 3 fps burst shooting
• Raw shooting has a small buffer

5. Canon EOS 700D + EF-S 18-55mm:

Canon EOS 700D

For $479.00, the Canon EOS 700D is one of the best DSLR cameras which can give amazing levels of resolution—capturing images that are incredibly detailed and colorful because of its DIGIC 5 image processor and hybrid CMOS (APS-C) sensor. The hybrid CMOS (APS-C) AF system lets the Canon EOS 700D to autofocus constantly while shooting the subjects at hand. In addition to it all, it has a Video Snapshot mode which allows for an easier capture and editing and it is further complemented with the touchscreen capability. The AF systems are silent because of the STM (Stepping Motor) technology incorporated in the Canon EOS 700D, ensuring only the sound of the video is being recorded.
• Remarkable noise control mechanism
• Good video capturing properties
• Has a touchscreen
• Extremely light
• Body feels plasticky
• AF points are limited

Canon, Pentax, and Nikon, all three of them are good quality cameras which give high-quality images. D3400 would be the best camera for beginners because it has simple controls and is extremely easy to understand while Canon EOS Rebel T6 is perfect for sports photographers and movie-making enthusiasts. Even Canon Rebel T5 is great, better since T6 is the superior version. Canon EOS 700D and Pentax K-S2 are great as well, but Canon EOS 700D is only good at taking pictures. While Pentax may provide videos and picture-taking capabilities but the quality is not up to Canon EOS Rebel T6. While high-quality videos can be shot with both Canon EOS Rebel T6 and Pentax K-S2, Canon EOS Rebel T6 takes the lead here because of its low-price compared to Pentax K-S2. Canon T6 has a better battery life as well compared to Nikon D3400 as it can take 1200 shots while Nikon D3400 can only take 500 shots. Pentax K-S2 has even worse battery life making Canon EOS Rebel T6 the best out of all of them. While Canon EOS Rebel T6 isn’t the best DSLR under 400 dollars, one thing is for sure it is the best under $500, costing only $449.00, making it the best one out of all of the canon cameras mentioned-above as well as Nikon and Pentax.

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