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How to Create a website for free

In this article, we will tell you an authentic and easy way to create a beautiful website for your business, YouTube, channel, and e-commerce store. Have you ever wanted to know How to Create a website for free? if no, then this is the perfect chance for you. in this Tutorial, we will show you a Drag & Drop method to create a Professional website with Weebly. Weebly is the site that allows a website that can easily be done everything for you and provides a variety of interactive features. Follow these steps to create a Weebly website.

Video Tutorial on Creating a Free Website.

1) Go to the Weebly Website:

First click on the link: www.weebly.com. You will see the creation of the website form with the three fields includes Email, Full Name, and password. It will also show other buttons like Log In button.

2) Sign up for a Weebly:

In each field, on the short account creation for, type your full name, password, and email address. After completion of each step, click on “Sign up”. It is absolutely free of cost.

If you have not existed Id on Weebly, then signup, Else click on log in.

3) Decide on site focus and choose a theme:

  • After login, the screen with two options and one question is appear: “Do you want to sell online” and with options “Yes and Not now”.
  • Click on not now.
  • After clicking you will be able to see the pages that contain different theme for your website. Some of the themes will be Business, Business portfolio, personal, events, blogs, and others. Select you required a theme.
  • Click on the button you want. No matter what you have selected, you will still get the unique features of Weebly. You can preview you’re selected there if you want. Just click on “Start Editing. The process of creating a website will start.

4) Choose Sub-domain for the website:

The subdomain starts with the Website tile and ends with the “weebly.com”. It will be the URL of your website, that searched by other people. You can search for the domain name to find out, Is the domain name is available or not?

Note: On the bottom of the screen,  remove Weebly branding and customize the footer on your website through purchasing premium plan.

5) Design and Edit website:

There are some drag elements that are found under the short small boxes. These elements to the box that will show you “Drag Elements Here”. By doing it, you will able to add elements to your website pages that provide an appealing look.


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6) Edit Text and pictures:

  • You can edit the text and changes pictures whenever you want. If you want to change pictures that are present on the website, by clicking on that picture.
  • Click on replace the image and search your required photo or select photos from “Free Photo”.
  • You can edit your image and used different filters options like Crop, Filter, Adjust, Text and focus. It will help you to make your webpage pictures awesome. Save it after applying certain filters

7) Create pages:

  • Select pages tab and click on the plus button
  • Select the “Standard page” and a new page is created
  • You can add anything in the title page. Select build and then click on the image from the image icon.
  • Drag image icon to “Drag element here” Session
  • Upload image by searching an image from free pictures and select it.

8) Create Session:

If you want to create a section on your webpage, then:

  • Select the build tab and then drag the divider to your webpage
  • You may select the location where you drag the divider; Right. Left or Center Aligned.

9) Create Social Icons:

  • Drag and Drop Social Icons and Edit the links
  • Click on manage icon
  • You can use any social network profile link and align the icon in any direction.
  • You can easily change the spacing between the top and bottom margin.
  • After doing some useful work, click on my work to check your progress.

10) Monetize Google AdSense and Edit Buttons:

  • You can also monetize Google AdSense for your website. Select Google Adsense and drag it to your webpage to brings traffic and earn revenue.
  • Link Free Google account and authorize it with Weebly,
  • Some Ads are also used on Weebly.
  • If you want to create buttons, select button and edit it accordingly with your desire or need.

11) Click on “Publish”, When satisfied:

By clicking on “Publish” your website will available to the public.

  • Remember you can edit your website, after publishing it.
  • Finding the site which you want to edit under the “My Sites”
  • Click on “‘Edit” and change accordingly.

Tries different methods that offer Weebly to their audience and business owners. It will help to create an attractive and appealing website.

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