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How To Find And Delete Duplicate Files In Android

How To Find And Delete Duplicate Files In Android Devices.
While copying, any data from android phones, sometimes we copy the same folder or file twice or more than twice.This create duplication of files and it takes more space on SD card or phone memory. Manually searching for file from File manager app, it would be difficult for anyone. It would be also difficult if we connect device to PC and search it from computer explorer. Here is recommended duplicate file finder for your smartphone, that helps you to find duplicate files and remove them from your device.

Step 1: Download an app called Duplicate File Fixer (free available in play store)
Step 2: install the app and launch it
duplicate file finder

now you have such interface.

Step 3: scan for duplicate files.

now there you have 4 options. tap on the file types you wish and it will find you the duplicate files.

if you are not sure what to do, then tap on full scan. and the app will automatically find you the duplicate files stored in your device.

Step 4: delete duplicate files

after search result delete the files that are saved more than once. and free up some space.

for in depth details please watch the video.


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