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How to fix “IDM has been registered with fake serial number” works 100 %

Everything you should know about Internet Download Manager serial number

IDM is nothing but an Internet Download Manager is a type of tool which helps to download all the songs and files from the internet at greater speed. Ensure that, no other download manager will download the files as quickly as the IDM. The Internet downloads Manager Supports most of the FTP and HTTP downloads and proxy servers. IDM offers a super fast downloading speed with the so many additional features to handle various kinds of documents and other things. You are allowed to restart and delete them easily, can resume, or can schedule downloads.

Besides, there are few people who got stuck with the message called “Internet Download Manager has been registered with a fake IDM serial number”. This will remind you, that you are not using the official key while using this tool. This type of pop up is really irritating because it seems all the time while you are downloading the file or when you start the system. You know, this type of error will lead you to find the cracked file from the torrent or with some other alternative.

How to fix IDM fake serial number?

A few easy steps in to come out of the pop-up issues without using any fake serial number for internet download manager or without using the torrent file. Before starting the methods to fix this issue, you have to make use of the Revo Uninstaller in order remove the previously installed IDM completely.

Method 1: Tweaking with IDM files

  • First, you have to open the windows explorer and navigate to the IDM folder in the program files. Now, open the Internet download manager folder in order to view the list of the documents.
  • In that window, you have to find the ‘IDMGrHIP.exe’ file and then delete it. After deleting this file, you have to copy the ‘idmBroker.exe’ from the similar folder and paste them in the same folder.
  • After saving the file ‘idmBroker.exe’, you have renamed this file as ‘IDMGrHIP.exe’.
  • Now, you have to restart the system in order apply this effect and you can able to enjoy the downloading without getting any pop-up.

Method 2: Play with Hosts file

  • Open the windows explorer and then navigate to the folder ‘C:\windows\System32\driver\etc\’
  • After this, you have to right click on the file that is followed by open with Notepad
  • Once you have open the file with the notepad, it will display some code, now you have to copy the lines of code and paste this code after the last line in the ‘hosts’ file.
  • Now, you have to restart the system to view the effect and you can able to enjoy the downloading without getting any pop-up.

Watch the video below for 100000% working alternative trick.


Download IDM From Here.

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  1. brother
    salam alaykoum where is the patcher or cracker thank you

  2. I have to enter the serial key to open IDM each time I boot my computer and want to use IDM.

    I followed all the steps in downloading crack IDM. It works. But the only problem is that I have to enter one of the serial Keys EVERY SINGLE TIME I want to open IDM. After entering the serial key, I get a popup “You’ll need to provide administrator permissions to register IDM for all users on this computer. ” with two buttons, “Continue” and “Cancel”. If I click on “Cancel”, the whole program closes and I have to start all over again. If I click on “Continue”, the spinning circle starts and then closes the whole program. Before this happens, I have to very quickly click on “Close” and ONLY then does IDM open.

    Doing all this every time you boot your PC is very irritating. Please tell me a solution so that I don’ have to do all this every single time I need to open IDM after booting.

    My “hosts” file has been registered as “hosts.txt”. Is this correct? If not, what should I do?

    • First of all uninstall the IDM then reboot your system and re install it. It will solve your problem. If it doesn’t then you have to be Admin of your Pc to use IDM

      • I have done as you suggested but the problem is still there. In the IDM version I use, I have to register every single time I boot the PC even after running as administrator and troubleshooting compatibility. Please suggest a permanent solution.

  3. Whenever I exit IDM after any download, the popup “IDM has been registered with a fake serial key and is exiting” shows up. I have to register again with one of the serial keys. Running as Administrator and saving these settings does not help. This is really frustrating. Tell me what to do.

  4. The idm bar is not present on youtube what to do

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  6. Вы попали в самую точку. Я думаю, что это отличная мысль.

    порнорассказы изнасилование отчим а также порно рассказ брат и сестричка

  7. I have a problem sir, I cannot download anything because it keep saying HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden…………the server replies that you don’t have permissions to download this file.

  8. Piyush kumar singh


    Sir kindly help regarding IDM

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