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5 Ways to Fix Laptop Battery Not Charging Problem | Tech Zaada

Learn How to Fix Laptop Battery not Charging problem using these 5 Methods.

Have you been facing issues regarding your laptop battery lately? Or is your battery not charging? Have you plugged in your charger in the PC and it still shows 0% battery, no charge? Rather than trying to get a new charger or messing with the old one, you need to try a few things. Do not worry, we have the easiest way of resolving this problem for you. Let’s see how you can perform a quick laptop battery repair operation on your PC yourself. Here are the steps that you need to follow to begin charging when laptop battery plugged in is not charging.

Below is the Video Tutorial of Laptop Battery Repair.

Method 1: Battery Troubleshooting
If you plugged in not charging dell, plug in your charger and go to Windows Settings where the Homepage will open for you. Go to Update and Security from the tabs offered to you. There will be a list on the left side of the screen, from there choose Troubleshoot option. You will see many kinds of features for troubleshooting, select Power option from there. Troubleshooting will begin and the issues will be fixed. This is the best solution for laptop battery repair or laptop battery not charging. It is a perfect way for laptop battery repair.

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Method 2: Uninstall Battery Drivers:

If your laptop plugged in not charging HP, then shut down your PC first. Remove the AC Adaptor from the PC too and then proceed on to take out the batteries as well. Now restart your PC but without a battery this time. Plug in your Ac Adaptor and then start the device. Then remove the battery drivers from your device. For this, go to Control Panel, go to Device Manager, and click on Batteries.

A new list will pop up, from there, you need to select the two of them with right-clicking on the first and then delete them with delete drivers’ option. With this, the battery icon will disappear from your taskbar as well. Then turn off your PC and put the batteries back inside your laptop. Then plug in the charger of your laptop and start your PC when you open it, the issue will be resolved hopefully. If this works for you then keep the charger plugged in until you reach 100% and then plug out the charger and leave the battery until it comes down to 0%. Then repeat this procedure of charging to 100% and bringing the battery down to 0% again twice or thrice. Your charging will be recovered hopefully and you will not face any more problems. This is a perfect way to be a pro if your battery not charging or laptop not charging. It is the same if plugged in not charging Lenovo or dell battery not charging, use the same ways.

These two ways are the best ones for the solution of battery problems for PC. It is great if plugged in not charging windows 7 or plugged in charging but not charging.


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