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How to get your YouTube channel URL

When you have a custom URL, you can give people a short, easy-to-remember web address to find your YouTube channel (like youtube.com/c/YourName). The URL options you can select from are based on things like your display name, your YouTube username, any current vanity URLs that you have, or the name of your linked website. Sometimes, you may need to customize the URL by adding letters and numbers to make it unique to you.

Once selected, your audience can reach your channel by navigating to
either youtube.com/c/YourName or youtube.com/YourName (note that we are using the YourName as an example here, your URL will be unique to your channel). Both URLs will redirect to your channel homepage.

Important: You can’t change your custom URL after you create it, so be sure you are comfortable with your choice before you finalize it.

Eligibility requirements

To get a custom URL for your channel, your account needs to be in good standing and meet a few other requirements:

  • 100 or more subscribers
  • Channel is at least 30 days old
  • Channel has uploaded a photo for the channel icon
  • Channel has uploaded channel art

You can also qualify for a custom URL by linking and verifying your official webpage with your channel or +Page.

NOTE: this article has been taken from Official YouTube Help Page. all credit goes to YouTube

with that’s been said. lets find out how.



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