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Run Windows On iPhone or iPad No Jailbreak

How to get any Windows on iPhone/iPad

 The ipad or iphone has now become the vital choice for business users and consumers alike, but these lack the mainstream tools, especially MS office apps such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint.  Thus if you want to have windows for ipad or wish to run windows on your iphone, you must know how to get windows on ipad.

 Fortunately, now you can experience the best of everything as the number of options is increasing for people wishing to run windows on your iphone or ipad. The remote desktop effectively connects to other device and it is possible to access the computer when the user is already working on it.

How to Run Windows on your iphone or ipad

 The progress of technology has enabled you to know how to get windows on iphone. You can do this by using software in the name Splashtop. Actually, this is an app and also a remote desktop solution. People can take a jumpstart on Windows 8 apps testing with Splashtop. This app allows streaming the apps from a simulated Windows environment to an ipad or iphone. Splashtop supports Windows full range of gestures.


Steps to run windows on iphone or ipad

  • The foremost procedure is to go to Google playstore app and to install Splash top to a remote desktop for your iphone or ipad and to launch the app.
  • Next is to create an account in your pc and to use this account to configure windows on your iphone or ipad. Once the account is created, you can tap the account and the continue button.
  • The app allows you now to download the Splash streamer app from the official site. Do not proceed with the step. It is best to click on skip and get it installed on your PC that always works on windows.
  • Finally, enter the account you created on your computer and create the same on your iphone.

Once connecting with your Splash top account on PC and iPhone or ipad, you can return and check if the device is connected successfully or not. Once it shows success ensure the screen rotation is activated in your iphone or ipad.

Click the icon displaying on your pc and it will display a dialog box with a set of hints. It is recommended to go through the tools and the tool bar so that you adapt the same features on your phone screen.  Tap on continue button and thus use your system remotely on your hand device.

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