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How to Add Pattern Lock on Windows PC

If you use a Smartphone than you should be familiar with the patter lock  system. Most touchscreen devices gives this function for security. It is  easy to remember and the screen can be unlocked within seconds. In a  pattern lock, you generally create a pattern by swiping your finger on  given dots. This is very popular on Android Phones. But what about PC?


In this post I will make you familiar with an application which will allow
you to use pattern lock on your Windows PC. It will also be useful for Windows Touch devices and surface users. Don’t worry if you don’t have touchscreen PC or laptop as you can draw pattern with your mouse.
We’ll use Eusing Maze Lock to get this functionality. It is a very simple, small and easy to use program. With this app, you can create pattern lock and use this as secondary security feature. You can also create a backup of your pattern which will be helpful if you ever forgot the pattern. It also have an auto lock option which will be very useful if you lost your laptop somewhere or if you aren’t near your laptop or PC for few moments and you forgot to lock.

watch the video below to find out more.


download Maze Lock from here



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