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3 Ways to Back up an iPhone or iPad | Backing Up iPhone

It is second nature for everyone to store important pictures, videos, and information in their iPhones and iPads. That is why it is very important to make sure that your phone has a backup in case something happens to the data. Backing up iPhone is very important in this age of technology. If you want to know, How to backup iPhone, then we are here for you. Here are the 3 ways to back up an iPhone or iPad.

Video Tutorial of Backing Up iPhone. 


Method #1: Backing up iPhone to iTunes:

  • The first way to back up your iPhone is to backup iPhone to iTunes.
  • For this purpose, first, install the iTunes and open it up.
  • To back up my iPhone, connect your iPhone to the PC using a USB cable.
  • Click on your phone icon on the PC and it will open the browser
  • There you will get two options, either to backup iPhone to iCloud or you can back up the data to the computer.
  • If you want to know how to backup iPhone 6 to computer then press the My Computer option on the window.
  • It will initiate the backup process and that way you will be able to Backup iPhone to computer without iTunes.
  • You will get the process complete notification when the process has completed.
  • If you want to restore the backup files to your iPhone then just press the backup option on the app window.
  • It will open a find your iPhone dialogue box. Open your iPhone and click on iCloud. You will find the Find my iPhone option. Turn that off and add the Apple ID password. Add it and then click the turn off option. The restoring process will initiate.

Method #2: Using Dr. Fone Backup & Restore:

The second method is using Dr.Fone software to Backup an iOS Device. Dr.Fone Toolkit is the best alternative to iTunes and world’s first Smartphone management software specially designed for iOS and Android Devices. with this Tool, you can do a lot of great stuff. like you can recover any kind of deleted files from Android and iOS devices, You can Transfer Files from one Phone to another and much more.

in order, to Backup your iPhone, first of all, install Dr.Fone software from this link. after that open it and select Backup and Restore.

how to backup iphone


after that connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable. as your phone is connected to your computer. this software will automatically backup all the data from your device. once the backup process is finished, you can restore your backup file back to your phone or another device. that is best things about this software.


Alternative software to Backup and Restore iPhone or iPad.

FonePaw iOS Backup & Restore.

FoneLab iOS Data Backup & Restore.


Method #3: Backup iPhone to a USB Flash Drive.

This method is my favorite so far. with this method, you can Bacup your Photos, videos, and Contacts from an iPhone or iPad.

in this guide, i will introduce you 2 of the best USB flash drives for iOS and both of them are made by Sandisk.

  1. Sandisk iXpand Pro. 

This Pen drive is mainly used for Transfering data from computer to iOS devices and also used for Transferring data from Phone to Phone.

how to backup iphone

but in this Tutorial, we will use it to Backup Data from iPhone or iPad. first of all, buy this USB Drive from the links given below.

Buy from Sandisk Official Website.

Buy from Amazon.

Buy from Aliexpress.

In order to connect this gadget with your phone, you will need to install an app from the app store. and the app is called Sandisk iXpand.

once the app is installed connect this USB to your iPhone all you need to do is give this Drive permission to access files from your iPhone. after that, you will see an option to back up your photos and contacts. now select what you want to back up. more details are given in the video.

2. Sandisk Wireless USB Flash

This USB Drive is the best gadget I have ever seen. I personally use it myself a lot. this gadget will allow you to transfer files from phone to phone Wirelessly. you don’t have to physically connect it to your device.

how to backup iphone


You can get yours from the links below.

Get it from Sandisk Official Website.

Get it from Amazon.

Get it from Aliexpress.

For backing up your iPhone to this Drive, you need to install the associated app from the app store. the app is called Sandisk Connect Drive.

once the app is installed. go to your phone settings>Wifi and connect to Wifi named Sandisk and some random numbers. once it’s connected, now open up the app and select backup. just like the first one, it will give you options to back up your photos, video, and contacts.


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