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How to Connect any Phone to TV Wirelessly

Need to know that How to connect any phone to TV wirelessly? Then, you have come to the right place. Today I am going to tell you about a new gadget by which you can easily turn your old TV into a smart TV. Before getting on the procedure of how to mirror phone to TV, let’s get to know what this gadget is.

Anycast HDMI Dongle.

For those who want to know that how to connect your phone to any TV Wirelessly we have Anycast M2 Plus Dongle. It is made of plastic and considered to be the best and qualitative product in the market right now to help people in how to cast phone to TV.


  • It has the best customer reviews in the market with positive feedback.
  • It is affordable in price and brings more value in service than the money you pay.
  • It is a qualitative product and can turn your old tv into a smart tv.
  • It can be used for both Android and iOS users.


  • Need a more detailed setup catalog. Other than that, still has no negative response from its customers which gives it a plus point in the market.

Video Tutorial Of How to Connect any Phone to TV Wirelessly


You can get Anycast HDMI Dongle from the links below.

Buy from Amazon.

Buy from AliExpress.

What you get in the package:

The box will contain the Anycast HDMI Dongle, Micro USB and WIFI receiver, and a catalog that will show you how to connect the phone to TV.

The procedure of How to connect any phone to TV wirelessly:

Take out all the items you get in the package. You may need an extra HDMI converter cable for connecting the phone to tv. Now, plug both connectors into the M2 TV stick with the help of an adapter. Now, plug the adapter into a power socket. Switch on the television and set the settings or the input source to HDMI. If the connection gets set, then a password will be required that you get in the package. You will get the settings, channels and other options on the Tc screen that you can choose according to your choice.

So, get your hands on the Anycast M2 right now.


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