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How to Fix iPhone Won’t Turn on or Charge (Works 10000%)

Do You Wanna Know How to Fix iPhone Won’t Turn on or charge? Here is the real fix. With this method, You can fix all the software problems with your iOS devices like:

  • iPhone won’t Turn on or Charge.
  • iPhone Black Screen.
  • Stuck on Apple Logo.
  • Frozen iPhone.
  • iPhone Restore/Update Failure.
  • Forgotten iPhone Passcode.
  • iPhone Boot Loop.
  • White Screen of Death.

and more…

Video Tutorial of How to Fix iPhone Won’t Turn on or Charge.


Before starting the process, take your iPhone devices which is not turning on. You may find many methods to solve that problem. I found the following process best. Dead screen iPhone is not turning on despite pressing the button. in this case, is completely black.  Follows these steps carefully to solve your problem:

1) To solve the problem, you must install the software named iMyFoneFixppo (iOS system recovery).

2) This software is also available for Windows and Mac.

3) Download the software on your computer. After downloading, open it up.

4) The screen with 2-options “Standard mode ” and “Advanced mode” appears that will help you to solve your iPhone Not Charging problem.

Standard mode: With standard mode, you can fix iPhone software problems without losing important data. You can fix problems like Boot loops, iTunes error, Bricked and frozen, white/black screen, etc. in standard mode.

Advanced mode: This mode will erase all data on the iPhone as well as lock screen from the phone.

5) So, click on standard mode and then next.

6) Follows the instruction provided by the software.

7) Connect iPhone to your computer with the help of data cable. Then press both power and home button. Keep pressing power button until iPhone is recognized by your computer.

8)Once the phone is in DFU mode, the software will automate detect it.

9) You need to download the latest software version for your iOS device. The software will be suggested you to download the latest Firmware available for your iOS device.

10) Two methods are used to download the latest firmware. First, download the firmware through software. Click on download, it going to start downloading the firmware. The second option is to download firmware through your browser. Click on download through the browser. Downloading of firmware start.

11) Now click firmware after downloading. Click the file and open it.

12) Click on start. It will start fixing your iPhone problems.

Remember here, we chose the standard mode which is not a data loss method.

13) If a standard mode is not fixing your problem, then try advanced mode which will be going to erase all data from your phone.

14) Do everything from the beginning. Select the firmware again. The process starts and the sound of a turn on iPhone devices is heard.

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Keep the phone connected with your computer in the whole process.

15) If the process is completed, the screen with “Completed” notification is received.

16) In advanced mode, your phone data will erase but the software will solve your iPhone problem immediately.


Please let us know what you think about the video in the comment box. Thanks.

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