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How to Format Corrupted SD Card (5 ways)

How to Fix Corrupted SD Card/USB Flash Drive using these 5 methods. 

Tackling a corrupted sd card or pen drive is never easy! Most users consider the process as tedious and daunting! To recover a corrupted SD card, you may have to spend several hours. In some cases, you will never be able to recover anything.

According to a recent study, there are thousands of queries on “How to recover a corrupted SD card” or “My old SD card is not functioning properly” in Google. Indeed, this is a common problem that can be resolved using different methods.

In this short article, you will read How to Format Corrupted SD card easily.

The Initial Steps

First of all, you must insert the corrupted SD card in the slot provided or a card reader. The SD card has to be connected with your machine. If you have a micro SD card, you must connect using an adapter.

Method #1

To begin with, try changing the drive letter. On a bad day, your computer will not able to assign letters like “C”, “D” or “E” to drives. This is when files cannot be retrieved from the SD card. By assigning the right drive letter, you may be allowed to access content from the device.

Method #2

Never stick to a single computer. The issue might be with your machine. That is why you should connect the SD card to another machine and check if it is working. If yes, you will be able to take backups of all critical data stored on the SD card.

Method #3

A common remedy for corrupted SD cards is reinstalling the drivers. If your drivers are not up-to-date, your SD cards and pen drives may get corrupted. In such cases, reinstalling would do the trick.

Method #4

The “chkdsk” command is widely used to fix corrupted SD cards. You must open command prompt and type “chkdsk” followed by the card’s drive letter. Then, hit enter and wait for few seconds. Chkdsk may throw some errors. Meanwhile, it will try and repair your corrupted SD card. The command will prompt a set of messages. Follow these messages to verify if your card was recovered or not.

Method #5

Some SD cards become corrupted when it losses partitions. This problem can be fixed by re-creating partitions. If you deleted a partition accidentally, you can recreate it using the command prompt. Or, you can use third-party tools to recover lost partitions from your SD card/pen drive.


Download the Software used in the video from the link below.

1. USB Driver Updater Driver Easy

2. Partition Tool EasUs Partition Master

3. Backup Data from Corrupted SD card. Wondershare Data Recovery


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