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How to Print Photos from iPhone | Best Way to Print Photos from iPhone

Taking photos with your iPhone is one of the most favorite things to do in your daily life, especially when you are attending families, friends parties, and traveling. Some of you want to print photos from iPhone, then what to do next?. Digital photos are great and are able to capture the golden moments of your life. You can do print these photo with printer and all you need is a phone- no computer is required. Print the photos from your iPhone devices roll become easy and effective.

Video Guide of How to Print Photos from iPhone:


Print Photos with the printer:

Printing photos yourself is easy and is not the good options until or unless you have the plan to print lots of photos on the regular basis. You do not want to use the old printer that doesn’t provide you an effective result. You will always look for the printer that specifically designed for photos and provides specialty photo paper for printing.

In order to print photo’s from iPhone, you have to purchase the gadget named “LG Pocket Photo Printer”. You can get it from Amazon or AliExpress in reasonable Price.

This Gadget is available in four different colors like Blue, Pink. White and Yellow. It can easily compatible with Android and Window phones.

How to Print Photos from iPhone

What is inside the packaging of the above product?

  • One printer
  • User manual
  • Printing Paper ( Zinc or Zero ink paper; small in size)
  • Charging Cable
  • Power Adopter (5-Volts)

Special Instruction:

Before uses the printer, charge it for about two hours for the first time. After a full charge, you can use the printer for four hours continuously. You can charge the printer with any smartphone charger.

Features of Printer:

  • Top of the printer has a button called “Ejector” that is used to open up the printer tray.
  • The right side of the printer contains power on or off button and charging port.

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How to Print Photos from iPhone with “LG Pocket Photo Printer”?

Following steps helps to print photos from iPhone with LG Pocket Photo Printer:

  • First of all, put printing paper into the printer tray.
  • The blue side of the paper will be bottom and the white side will be on the top side of the printer tray.
  • Now power on your printer. If should be fully charged and light of the printer should blink continuously.
  • Go to iPhone setting and then Bluetooth.
  • Connect your LG Pocket Photo Printer. Once, connected, go to your phone app store. In the case of Android, Go to play store and for iPhone, click on the App Store.
  • Search for the LG Pocket Photo app and install it.
  • As the LG Pocket photo app is installed on your phone, open it. Now you have two options to print your photos.
  • First print photo from camera and other is by using your phone storage data.
  • Choose your option and click on icon present on the left side of the LG Photo App.
  • Select your photo that you want to print out. You can also edit it by applying different filters.
  • Click on the LG icon and then press the printer photo button.
  • It now transfers a photo to the printer through the link established. The second light of printer will also blink.
  • The printer takes 60-70 seconds to print your photo.
  • Get your photo.

Features of LG photo Pocket Photo’s Printer:

  • Provide instant mobile printing:

Wirelessly print your smartphone photos wherever and whenever they want. Even without cables and PCs, you can easily print your memorable photos just by clicking the send button. With NFC and Bluetooth support pocket photo can easily print the photos without any need of a cable.

  • Easy Bluetooth connection:

Print the pictures through Bluetooth connection.

  • Customize editing:

You can edit your photos with all of the available LG Pocket photo application.

  • Adjustable photo Filter:

You can easily retouch the photo with different filters for the clear, blurry, warm, vivid, shiny, white look, cold, and black and white look and in the original image.

  • DIY Photos Frame:

MAke your photos frame with the LG Pocket Photo App. Decorate the photos for new years, thank you, send invitation and birthday.

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