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How to Protect USB Flash with Finger Print | Encrypted USB Drive

Curious to know about How to Protect USB Flash with Finger Print? Yes, then let me tell you that’s it’s not just you, everyone is amazed and happy to learn about this new technology that has made our information and other records even safer and secured. The new DM fingerprint USB flash drive only shows the files and gives you the access to it after unlocking the fingerprint lock. The businessman and other companies are going crazy by this ultimate experience by which they can keep everything safe from other companies. it’s time to have an experience where everything is safe and at your fingertips in this new DM fingerprint USB pen drive.


  • Safe and secure records keeping.
  • You can safely carry your personal data without any worry of getting stolen or misplaced.
  • Only you have the access to your files.
  • You can even customize your settings for some files you don’t want to keep in the protected mode.
  • It is one of the best fingerprint USB drive available in the market.

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The procedure for using fingerprint USB hard drive:

You have to get yourself the new DM fingerprint USB device and plug it into your laptop or PC. Then, first, a dialogue box will open which will ask you to create a password first. Then, it will ask for your fingerprint. You have to really make sure that you whole thumb is covering the USB finger detecting area which makes it easy for your access in the future. After this small process, you just have to plug the USB into the port and then enjoy the access to your files by detecting your fingerprint.

So, I guess this is something that everyone should have who really likes to secure their personal and other items.

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