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Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone

Best Ways to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone.

Messages are an integral part of our day to day life as so much depends on them. Everything from our grocery list to exam details can be there, so we cannot afford to lose them. However, if you have lost your important messages from iPhone and want to know how do I recover deleted text messages on my iPhone, there is nothing to worry about. If you are thinking how can I recover deleted text messages, we have a solution to your problem here in the form of ways to recover deleted text messages.

Download the Software from here. 


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  • First, you need to download the software named Dr.Fone Recover (IOS Data Recovery). This software will help you recover deleted text messages on iPhone 7. It also enables you to restore other deleted data.
  • When you open the software, a lot of options will appear in front of you. Choose Recover data from phone option.
  • Connect your iPhone with your PC via a data cable to perform the direct
  • You will have three data recovery options on your PC screen then: Recover data from IOS device, Recover data from iTunes backup file and Recover data from iCloud backup files. However, if you have no backup data but want to retrieve deleted texts you will have to choose to recover data from the IOS
  • A list of various types of files will appear on your screen. Select messages from it since you need to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone.
  • Once you have selected the Messages option, click on start scan. The software will begin, scanning your device for deleted messages.
  • This process of scanning will take time depending on the number of files that you want to retrieve. This process recovers deleted text messages of iPhone without a computer.
  • Soon all of your messages will be brought to your screen in front of you. Select the messages that you want to recover and you will have two options. You can either recover deleted messages to your iPhone on your PC.
  • When you select the option of recovery to your device, a further list opens. It allows you to store data to the device as well as to the app.
  • Save the messages to your device and you are all set to go. However, if you want to store them in an app like iCloud you need to use Find My iPhone option from settings to do this. By this, you can easily recover deleted text messages of iPhone without backup.

This is the whole process of recovering your deleted text messages from iPhone easily and quickly.


Alternative Data Recovery Tools for Recovering Deleted Messages from iPhone.



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