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2 Ways to Remove Ads From Android Phone or Tablet

How to remove ads from android phones or tablets.

Ads, ads, ads……… whenever I connect my phone to the internet I get bunch of notification and pop-up ads. How do I get rid of these ads…..?????

This is the question you might be asking yourself when you get bunch of notification and pup up ads on your phone.

But Wait… before you smash your phone in to the wall. I want you to read this post very carefully.

Nowadays almost all of us have those sexy android devices which we use to entertain ourselves.

Even some of us badly addicted to the smartphones. It’s like someone has glued the phone to our hands.

Iam one of them. Don’t tell anyone 😉


Okay. Enough talking and let’s get into the point.

You have come here to get rid of ads from your android phones or tablets. Right?

If so, then I will share my experience on how I got rid of the ads.

I have been in same circumstances as you are right now.

Whenever my phone is connected to the internet I used to see a lot of notification and pop up ads coming on my phone. Specially the pop up ones. While I was doing something on my phone suddenly a pop up ads used to cover entire screen of my phone. And It made me so angry, then I started searching online for solution. Many of them were recommending to install an app called AdBlock on your phone, I did what they were saying. But the result were negative. Then I found these 2 solutions to block ads on android.

What are the “ADS” is it Good or Bad?

Sometime ads are good evil for you. Coz you find an interesting thing through these ads.

But sometimes they are bad as hell. They screw your smartphone life.

You install a free app on your device and the maker of that app is providing you a free thing. In return they want to make some money by serving ads on his/her app.

Its okay if they serve ads as a small banner inside the app we don’t mind it. But sometimes they just cross the limit by serving pop up or spammy ads. And these ads are the enemy of your phone. Some of them are dangerous virus and they are hungry for your phone’s charge.

And in this tutorial I will show you 2 ways to remove ads from your android phone or tablet.

Ok. So, here I made a video guide for you.

If this video helped you to remove or block ads from your phone then please share it with your friends using those sharing buttons.

And let me know what you think about this tutorial. Post your comments below. I will gladly discus with you guys.






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