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7 Ways to Remove Write Protection from SD Card

Learn How to Remove Write Protection from SD Card using these 7 Methods.

Write protection on SD Card or USB flash can be very problematic when you transfer data to or from your SD card or USB flash drive. Such drives do not let you delete data or copy it in your PC. This hindrance in data transfer can be removed easily by using either of the following processes. Here are 7 ways for you to Remove write protection from SD card and USB flash drive.

Video Tutorial of Removing Write Protection from an SD Card or USB Flash Drive.


  1. Using CMD Command to Remove Write Protected from SD Card

To run CMD command, just go to start button and type in CMD in the search bar. When you click on the CMD command in the list, you will be given some options. To format write protected SD card use administrator privilege and a black box will appear in front of you. Write diskart there and press Enter. Then type in list disk and press Enter button again. This will show all of the external devices attached to your computer at that time. Select the right disk and type attribute disk. Then click on Read-Only Disk. Now clear Read-only, type Exit, and press Enter. Remove the drive and replace it.


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  1. Using RegEdit

GO to Start and type regedit. And double click on the HKey local machine. Then select the System folder and then Current ControlSet and then open Control folder. A long list will appear. Go to Storage Device Options and use RegEdit to remove write protection from the drive. This is how the disk is write protected. You can also use these ways if you are looking for how to remove write protection from pen drive. You can also use this way for how to format write protected pen drive.

  1. Checking Physical Write Protected Button

Looking for how to format a disk that is write protected? Some USB flash drives and SD cards, have to write protection buttons. Look for them and turn off the write protection. This is a write protected USB format tool.

  1. Using LLF Format Tool

It is an SD card write protected tool. For those who are worried that I can’t format my memory card, this is for you. For this, you will have to download a software with a small tool which helps in removing write protection from your devices. The software is named HDD Low-Level Format Tool.

  1. Using MalvaStyle USB Repair

For this, go to Google and type in MalvaStyle Disk Repair. Download this software and launch it. Then using it format write protected micro SD card android or USB.

  1. Using Easus Partition Master

You can download a software named EaSus Partition Master from Google and remove write protection from micro SD card or USB.

  1. Recovering Data from Write Protected USB using Recoverit Free

You can use data recovery software like recoverit and restore your data. This is how the disk is write protected. You will get your SD card write protected.

So, this is how you remove write protection from SD card or USB flash.

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