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How To Root Any Android Without Computer

Rooting a device is simple, based on the device you actually own. You must learn how to root android without computer. There are different methods to apply to different models and devices. There are plenty of guides available online to teach you. Root any android and this is possible because rooting your device actually modifies the system files that are detectable by the OEM software. Un-rooting your device is actually not very difficult and is simpler.

Do you wish rooting android without PC, but are unable to do so as you are unable to comprehend the rooting process. Now you can do so, follow these:


  • This allows rooting most high end devices such as Samsung Galaxy S6 to Sony Z3 and low end such as Asus Zenfone, Motorola, Micromax and Zte.
  • People new to the rooting world; please note that the root access is employed to install custom recoveries. The same is then used to custom kernels, ROMs and other device modifications. This root access also permits the users to install versatile and powerful Xposed Framework and this act as an easy gateway to device non-destructive modification.


Do this very carefully as rooting end the phones warranty.


Rooting an Android phone, Meaning?


Root any Android phone means to get administrative privileges on the system. On buying a new Android phone, you are a guest user using this phone. You can use the phone, but cannot make any changes to the system files.

However, on having root access over your phone, you can browse the root folder of your Android and make any changes required to your phone system files. And it means you have the ability to make all changes and also install more powerful apps that is impossible on a non-rooted phone.


Benefits of Rooting an Android Phone


  • Run special applications: Once you root your phone, the special applications of your choice can be run. The root applications are powerful and compared to the regular applications, they offer more features. Moreover, as these special apps deal directly with the Android system files, tweaking your Android in extensive ways is possible. For instance, uninstalling multiple applications silently using eUninstall is possible with root access.


  • Run Custom ROMs: It makes the phone more user friendly, battery update is frequent and optimized performance.


  • Free Internal Storage: The internal memory apps can be transferred to SD card after rooting of phone. Thus you get more free internal storage space.


here is a video guide on How to Root any Android without PC.

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