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How to Move All Data from Android to iPhone/iPad

Step by Step Guide on How to Move All Data from Android to iPhone/iPad
Have you decided to transfer from iPhone to Android? Do you wish to migrate from your iOS device? If yes, you will require a reliable guide that can help you with the transfer. The guide must give you step by step instructions on how to move from your Google-based Android smartphone to an iPhone without suffering any data loss.
A lot of people consider moving from Android to iOS as a crazy move. However, we believe that you have many reasons behind this move. With this being said, here are few tips on how to initiate this transfer.
Here are a few Important things you Need!

First of all, you must have an Android device that is more than 4.0. Next, you should have an iPhone that is iOS 7 or later. This guide will help you migrate from Android to any iOS device.
Before you kickstart the process, you must ensure that WiFi is turned on in the Android smartphone/tablet. Next, you must plug the Android and iOS device into power. Before transferring data from the Android to iPhone smartphone, you must ensure that all details in the external Micro SD card would fit inside the iOS device.
If you are planning to migrate from a Chrome to an iOS device, you should ensure that the latest version of Chrome is installed in the Android device.

Video Tutorial of How to Move All Data from Android to iPhone/iPad

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The Basic Steps
The moment you begin setting up your Apple device, search for the “Apps & Data Screen”. In this screen, you must select “Move Data from Android”. If your iPhone is already set up, you should erase the Apple device and start from the beginning. If you are not prepared to erase the entire device, you must transfer from the Android to iPhone manually.
Now, switch to your Android device and select “Move to iOS” application. Next, select the “Continue” button. This is where you should select the “Terms and Conditions” page. After clicking on “Continue”, you should select “Agree” to receive the transfer code. This code will appear on your iOS screen. This code must be entered in your Android device. In just a few minutes, the Transfer Data screen will begin.
The time required to complete the transfer depends on many factors! In most cases, it depends on the content you are transferring.

The Final Steps!
If some data is not transferred from your Android to iPhone device, you must move data manually.
“Dr.Fone” is one of the finest applications for transferring data manually. This is a tool for recovering data from the iPhone. Here are few steps on how to transfer data using Dr.Fone:
1) Connect your device to the Apple device.
2) Now, launch Dr. Fone and select the files to be transferred.
In just a few minutes all the requested files will be transferred.


Other Useful Features of Dr.fone.

This software is the best Content management software specially designed for Android and iOS. with this tool you can Recover any kind of deleted files from Android and iPhone, you can remove Pattern or Pin from Android without losing data and much more.

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