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Transfer Charge From Phone To Phone

How to charge a phone by using another phone

We all have heard about transferring or sharing apps, files from one phone to another one, but once a time have you ever seen or heard about transferring charge from one cell phone to another.

Many of us don’t know exactly the concept behind transfer battery life from one phone to another when it is running out of charge. It’s nothing but a cell phone to cell phone charging. You may have a power bank to charge your cell, but just think what even if your power bank also drains out of battery.
At one or the other stage, we all have experienced the situation of having a dead battery in the most emergency situation when you want to make emergency calls and not having any options to charge your cell. But one must be really thankful to the OTG cable which allows Phone to phone charging.

To make the entire process of transfer charge from phone to phone quite simple. Let’s take an instance – let’s think that you need to charge your friend phone using your cell. To accomplish this task, you need to have a minimum of three things.

A USB OTG cable is mainly used to access as well as transferring of data to devices like pen drives via cell phones. Your friend cell might already have a USB cable for their cell phone provided by the cell phone manufacturer. Most people use it as charging cable as well. It has a small pin at one end and USB at the end. Now the last thing is that your cell phone should possess OTG support and even your cell should support OTG connection.

If you have all these necessary things, then you can easily move ahead in order to give charging from one android phone to another via USB. Connect all these things in the order mentioned below – firstly connect your cell phone to OTG cable, then connect USB cable and then your friend cell phone. Once you connect these things in a proper order, automatically your phone starts charging. So, next time when you move out you need not have to worry about your phone draining out of battery provided with OTG cable and a USB cable.

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