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3 Simple Ways to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone | 2018

Are you looking for ways to transfer contacts from android to iPhone? If yes, then you might know that iPhone to Android transfer is not that easy. This is why we bring our guide of How to transfer contacts from android to iPhone. Have got a new iPhone and want to transfer all your valuable contacts from your old Android phone to your new iPhone? Well, you do not need to worry anymore. We have brought 3 easiest ways to transfer all the Contacts from Android to iPhone for you. These ways will hopefully help you in the best possible way.

Video Tutorial of Transferring Contacts from Android to iPhone.

Method #1: Using Google Contacts and iCloud

  • First, go to your Android phone settings>Accounts>Google>Sync Contacts(You must sign in to your Google/Gmail account)
  • once your contacts are synced with your account then go to Google Contacts. 
  • after that, export all the contacts from your Google account.

android to iphone transfer

  • now go to your iCloud account. then select Contacts. and Import the .VCF file that you just downloaded.



and the final step is to go to your iPhone Settings and tap on your Account name then tap on iCloud and turn on the Contacts toggle.


Method #2: Using Dr.fone Switch to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone.

if the first method didn’t work for some reason, then you can use a third party software like Wondershare’s Dr.fone Switch to Transfer Contacts from one phone to another. with this software you can also transfer other files like Photos, Videos, Music and other files from Android device to iPhone. you can get the software from here.

after downloading the software, open it up and select Switch option.

android to iphone transfer


Next, connect both your phones to the computer using a USB cable.

Note: you need to enable USB Debugging on your Android phone. 


contact transfer using dr fone switch


Next, select the types of files and click on transfer. that is all you need to do.


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Method #3: Using USB Flash Drive to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone.

this is my favorite method so far. because for this you don’t need any computer. all you need is a USB flash that helps to transfer files from an Android to an iOS device. in this Tutorial, I will recommend using Sandisk’s Wireless Stick you can get it from Amazon or AliExpress.

it is available from 16GB all the way up to 250GB in Size.

with this USB Drive, you can transfer files between 3 devices at same time WIRELESSLY.



in order to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone using this gadget, first, you need to install the Sandisk Connect app on both your devices.

once the app is installed open it up and Backup all the contacts from your Android device and restore those contacts to your iPhone.

for more in-depth details, please watch the video provided above.


So, that is it for this Tutorial. Hope you learned something new from this article. if you did, then please share it with friends. that would be considered a huge support from you guys.



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