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Transfer Files between PC and Android wirelessly

Do you transfer files by connecting your mobile phone to PC with the  help of USB, thus connecting and disconnecting USB gives you  trouble, so turn into wireless, thus reducing your tension of wire. The  benefit of wireless is that it is easy to connect and there is fast  transfer of files. Here are the few wireless apps which have highest  reviews in Google Play store and that will help you to Transfer Files  between PC and Android wirelessly.

1. AirDroid.

Airdroid is an top app to Transfer Files between PC and Android. It is available at that size of 6.4 MB and requires Android 2.1 or up. It has the highest rating for wireless data transfer. It is easy to use and even looks much pretty. The Key feature supported by this app is that— desktop SMS service, wireless transfer of files and media data, phone locating technique app management, camera and screenshots.

2. ES File Manager

Its size varies with devices. It is commonly known as an Android File Manager app but can also be used to transfer files wirelessly, select “Remote Manager” under the “Fast Access” list, you can find local network you are connecting to. Tap “Turn on”, find the given ftp address, then input the ftp address in the address bar of computer on your pc. As long as you get used to this app you will find it more than easy to use it.

3. 3CX Droid Desktop.

It is available at the size of 2.8 MB and requires android 2.0 or up. It is not as easy to use. The first time you run this app, you are required to set service port and password for your connection. Tap “start server” an IP address is generated for your device, input The IP address and password on computer browser, there will be a page displayed which looks similar to desktop.

3CXDroid also supports USB mode, Desktop SMS, Gallery Viewer, Media Player, FTP Server, WiFi Keyboard, Webcam, Screen Capture, Contact Manager, Remote Call, Wallpaper Utils, APK Web Installer, Terminal Emulator, Logcat, etc.

Conclusion :

With the help of such apps our work gets easier and better, and we don’t need the maximum use of USB or any other wiring, which make these apps unique and is greatly appreciated by the users. So what are you waiting for, don’t be in old fashion of wiring stuff just download the apps and enjoy life more easy.

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