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How to Find WiFi Password on iPhone – View WiFi Password on iPhone

It is very easy to connect your iPhone or iPad to WiFi and iPhone will automatically remember the passwords. It will allow you to have no enter the password manually every time while using your network. People nowadays prefer WiFi networks more due to fast security and speed. As we know that iPhones are secured to avoid any kind of viruses and privacy leakage. In that case, sharing and viewing of the password of the Wifi network may become a tedious job for you. In this article, we will provide you the way of How to Find WiFi Password on iPhone/iPad

Video Tutorial of Showing Saved WiFi Password on iPhone.

By using 4Mekey software

In order to get WiFi Password from iPhone, you will need a software call Tenoshare 4MeKey

How to find wifi password on iPhone

Features of 4MeKey:

  • 4Mekey is world no.1 iOS password finder. With the trial version, there are some limitation while if you buy the software, you will not face any limitation.
  • The software will provide the saved WiFi password on iPhone/iPad from Personal computer and Mac.
  • Recover stored app and websites login passwords.
  • View and scan the mail accounts, and credit card information.
  • It will show the Apple password and ID keep “On” on the device.
  • It will help to transfer password to an iOS password manager application like 1Password.

How to find wifi password on iPhone

Steps to use 4Mekey:

  • Download the software from the option given below.
  • Open it up. You will be able to watch a screen that appears with “Connect your device with a USB cable”
  • Connect the device with the personal computer and press the “Start Scan” button.
  • Scanning of the phone will starts.
  • The window with “password founds” in your iPhone will be detected.
  • It will provide WiFi accounts, website, and app passwords, Mail accounts, credit card, and apple ID window.
  • The detail for each password is also shown in the screen that will provide detail about the credit time, modified time with a password.
  • Press Export. Screen with “Please select the CVS formate to export” is shown.
  • The different options for export provided by 4Mekey are:
  1. .CSV files for 1passowrd
  2. .CSV files for Chrome
  3. .CSV files for Dashlane
  4. .CSV files for Last pass
  5. .CSV files for Keeper
  6. .CSV files for 4MeKey
  • Select the option as “.CSV files for 4MeKey. Click on it.
  • Ask the place to save your file.
  • Select the place desktop from your computer.
  • The file will save on the desktop of your PC. Just click to open the file.

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In summary, the wiFi passwords are used to protect all network users from any malicious activities of the hackers, Hence, there is a need for strong and secure networks still remains relevant today.  the noble idea is what the article tilted is how to preview WiFi passwords on iPhone that helps you achieve your biggest hope. If you have any trouble in the above steps, then just watch the video above. It will provide step by step video in more effective means.

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