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How to watch YouTube Videos Without Internet

How to watch a YouTube video offline

Watching and downloading YouTube videos for offline is really very much helpful, when you are spending your time at the location where there is no access to the internet. Moreover, saving YouTube videos for offline viewing help you to save on monthly data if you like to watch the same video multiple numbers of times. Thus, YouTube videos can be easily downloaded and can be watched via offline irrespective of your device.

YouTube offline features were discovered in 2014. The features allow the iOS and Android to save required YouTube videos to offline for later consumption. So, the video which you need can be easily downloaded via Wi-Fi network or mobile data. Bear in mind that, this feature is ad-supported and you need to go through the advertisement before you watch YouTube videos offline.

All videos are not available offline

Not all the videos are available for watching offline. You can easily download most of popular YouTube content, but you may come across certain videos which are available to download. The downloaded video can be played via offline maximum up to 48hours.

In order to make a YouTube video available for offline viewing, firstly you need to open YouTube app and find out the video you need. Search for the icon “Add to offline “below the video. Observe that if YouTube video offline is not available to download, it would have a crossed add to the offline button. In such a case, it’s not possible to download such a video.

If the video is available to download it for offline, you need to click on add to the offline button. Upon clicking the button, you will be asked to choose the resolution like HD, low or medium. The low-quality video file will take much lower space, but it is of worse quality. Once you have chosen the video, it will definitely begin to save the video automatically.

How to watch saved offline videos

Once you have saved a video to offline, it will be available only within YouTube app. In order to locate the saved videos, just move on to the home page of the YouTube app, in the home page, click on the account tab which is situated at the top corner which looks just like that of a human body. You can find the saved video on the YouTube app, so you can make use of these options to watch necessary videos when you will not be having accesses to internet, even sometimes you can have the offline educational videos for your study purpose.



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